Comprehensive Checklist Of Holidays For The Salon

Salons and spas can get very busy around the holidays.  People are getting into the holiday spirit and looking for gifts for their friends and family.  Holiday marketing is also great to ensure your customers feel their best in between holiday parties.  Your salon or spa can leave an impression lasting until the New Year.

Use this list to stay ahead of the holidays.

Have the Right Software for Your Salon

Hope you’ve decided on the best salon scheduling and management software to help you run your business by now.  If not, start your free 30-day trial, so you can be up and running before holiday decorations are put up in stores.

Purchase decor

Put up holiday decorations to set the mood for your clients.  Snowflakes, winter berries, velvet touches, glitter, and lights are all things that will make your customers feel at home, no matter where they come from.

Get your staff ready

Check your staffing levels to ensure you have enough people to handle the holiday rush.  Set up quick, five-minute check-ins with your staff to ensure everyone understands holiday offers and has the help they need.

Turn on Online Client Scheduling

If you haven’t looked into this feature yet, consider doing so during the holidays to keep your chairs and treatment rooms full.  If you let your clients book themselves, your receptionist will have more time to help clients in the salon.

Set up automated reminders and confirmations

This is another must-have feature that will save time for your team over the holidays: no more confirmation calls, emails, or texts must be sent by hand.  Set up this easy automation instead and leave it alone to do its job.

Start taking money down

This holiday season puts a price on your time, and you get money back for no-shows and cancellations.  Since there aren’t many appointments available this holiday season and many people want to get in, you should take deposits before letting people book.

Order Gift Cards

Gift cards make it easy to give the gift of beauty during the holiday season.  Don’t wait too long to order your personalised gift cards, or you’ll miss out on another chance to make money.

Stock up on gift supplies

You can make it easier for your customers if you sell gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons, and tags.  This way, people who buy single items instead of a gift set will have everything they need.  Remember that more than half of shoppers start looking for holiday gifts in October or earlier.  This means you should list your seasonal goods as soon as possible.

Remind clients that they need to book early for the holidays

There are only so many spots available; if everyone wants one, clients will soon be left out in the cold with regrowth!  Remind your clients that making appointments now through the end of the year will help them look great during the holidays.

Stay stocked by ordering from your salon

This holiday season, keep your stock supplied while you’re busy. Check to see if your distributor lets salons place orders online.  So, you can set levels that will automatically keep your shelves full.  If your distributor does not provide an online salon buying option, you can still save time by emailing your purchase to your sales rep.

Allow your online store to work

This holiday season, open an online store with your favourite brands to take advantage of sales during Black Friday, Cyber Week, and other times.  Also, turn on “on-behalf of marketing,” which will let your customers know about holiday deals and send all orders directly to the customer.  Get paid commissions without touching the product.

Plan your advertising for the time of year

Design your holiday emails and texts ahead of time and set them up when they are sent.  So you can pay attention to the client sitting in your chair.

Get the Best Rate & Value on Payment Processing

Make sure you’re getting the best rate on your merchant account because there will be a lot of credit card transactions over the holidays.

Pay attention to your staff

Thank your hardest workers for all they’ve done this holiday season and all year.  Plan a party after the holidays to show your staff how much you appreciate them and thank them for their hard work.

These little tips and reminders should make the holiday season easier for you, your employees, and your customers.  All it takes is a little planning for everything to go well.