Disinfecting Your Salon Chair – Covid 19 Prevention

Amidst a global pandemic known as coronavirus, maximum employees opt to work from home to prevent exposure and limit the spread of this virus. Unfortunately, it is not feasible for every profession. Hairstylists & barbers, much like the healthcare workers, cannot perform their jobs when practising the social distancing measures, as instructed by the centre for this disease control. In these specific scenarios were keeping 6 feet is impossible, there are other ways to assure staff members, stylists, clients, & some general public alike.

Here we are giving some tips on how to distract the salon chair effectively and quickly so that you can seamlessly transaction between the customers when still following the COVID 19 procedure & providing your customer’s real peace of mind. At the same time, this comes to mitigating the substantial health risks.

 This is simple- ask your customers to wash their hands with water and soap thoroughly before sitting. This will also prevent any uninvited bacteria, viruses, and bacteria from the armrests. It will also bring all of the Debris onto the floor.

Dispose and sweep of Debris

 Dispose and sweep all Debris on the floor under & surrounding your salon chair. If not done, the chair can be decontaminated after disinfecting as the foot traffic & the utilization of salon accessories can also kick up the finer particles off of a floor & back on your chair. 

 If the cushioned areas of your salon chairs are lined with leather or vinyl, then wipe the actual surfaces utilizing the proper cleaning solution so as not to damage the material but still clean this of bacteria and germs. If the cushions are cloth, spray the antibacterial soap and water mixture, gently wipe it, and let it dry.

 Following this, wipe the armrests, metal fixtures, footrests, headrests & the remaining aspects of the salon chair with surface-appropriate cleaning solutions.


You have to clean any element or surface before this is disinfected. After cleaning, rinse the item thoroughly & dry this entirely before disinfecting this. Covers can also be wiped with the cleaning agent before being disinfected. Otherwise, if an original container is still available, you do not require to re-label the new container with education.


Once your salon chair has been cleared and wiped of visible Debris and dirt, and also cleaned with the antibacterial solution, this is the proper time to disinfect. Whether you select to spray & wipe or use the packaged disinfectant wipe, make sure the product labels read the “EPA Registered.” 

The EPA registered disinfectant product will also have the proper active ingredients essential to kill the potential viruses.

After disinfecting the salon chair, let this air dry. Then, hand dry any remaining wet areas with a fresh cloth before your next customer takes their seat.

Follow the same steps to disinfect and clean your salon chair at the end of every day. Just because you will be doing this way more frequently due to a higher demand to do so, this can be wise to utilize the leather or vinyl conditioner at the end of every day or as required to maintain your salon chair. Using the salon chair cover overnight will also help to keep this clean & free of contaminants.

Disinfecting salon chairs is very much different from disinfecting any other furniture piece that is critical to the actual beauty services industry. 

Businesses in a sector rely on the actual volume of clients. The fundamental necessity of disinfecting the salon chairs between every customer due to the pandemic-related safety and health policies adds up in time throughout the day. As the licensee or salon owner, this is your responsibility to maintain the sanitary conditions where the services are delivered for the actual protection of your customers and you.