Factors that can help you for shopping a massage table

A high-quality massage table is crucial whether you’re just starting as a massage therapist or working with clients. As a business owner, it makes sense to research a potential investment before making a purchase thoroughly.

Your client’s message might be made or broken by the table you use. In addition, one of the essential parts of a massage therapy business is the client’s satisfaction. Comfort is important when shopping for a massage table, but it isn’t the only consideration. Before purchasing a massage table, what are the most important considerations to keep in mind?

Is it transportable or stationary?

Will you be making out-of-office appointments, or will you only work from your office? In contrast, a permanent table is heavy and unmovable, whereas a portable table may be folded and taken with you. If you run a massage practice, you may need to bring a portable massage table with you, even if you have an office of your own. This necessitates frequent assembly and disassembly, which is impossible with a stationary table.


Consider the cost of a massage table while deciding which one to buy. Is this your first year in college? A high-end massage table fee shouldn’t be added to the burden of going to school. After some practice, you may have decided to buy a second table. You could, for example, buy a cheap table now and resale it to a new student when you graduate. You’ll have a better idea of what features work best for you and can make a more informed decision. The allure of a low-cost mass-market table may entice you, but beware: low prices might mean poor quality and no warranty from the manufacturer.

Height and Width of the Table:

The size of your table may not seem important, but it can significantly impact your body mechanics if you choose the wrong one. A table that is too small or too large, too tall or too low, can quickly cause discomfort.

Tables come in various widths and heights, from 28 to 35 inches wide. There is no way to modify the width of a massage table, but most tables include a ten-inch range of adjustment that can be used to accommodate both you and your clients. You should avoid buying a table more expansive than 29 inches if you are under 5’4″ tall; if you are 5’10” or taller, a width of 27 to 33 inches is appropriate. As a rough guideline, the height of your average table should fall midway between your hips and the average size of your clients.

Padding Thickness:

This falls under the category of customer satisfaction. It could also have a long-term impact on the quality of the table. This should be like an excellent mattress for your clients rather than an uncomfortable plywood plank. Heavier and thinner padding does not last as long and exhibits more wear and tear than a thicker and thicker foam cushioning does. Padding comes in various firmnesses, ranging from extra-firm to fluffy, according to many manufacturers. Allowing for softer foam in the breast area of the table is also available from some manufacturers. The sort of massage you’ll be performing impacts the firmness you choose as well. Sports massage may necessitate a firmer massage, whereas pregnancy massage may necessitate a softer one.

Body mass:

Fixed tables are less critical in terms of weight than moveable tables. Stability, not portability, is what you want in a permanent table. According to the size and material used, a portable table might weigh 22 to 30 pounds or more. An excellent solid fixed table might weigh anywhere from 150 to 300 pounds depending on the quality and construction. In both circumstances, wood is heavier than aluminium, but the weight difference is negligible. 

Ensure you know how you intend to use your portable table before purchasing one. Most of the time, will you be transporting the table up and down a flight of steps, or will you be using public transportation? A table cart is an option, but it might be a problem to get it in and out of a car or other mode of transportation if you don’t have the space for it.


Investing a lot of money in a table is an investment that should last a long time. Choose a robust wood like Maple or Birch for a longer-lasting frame instead of a softer one like Pine. Some companies are now using table frames made from sustainable bamboo. Some fabrics are more resistant to wear than others. You want something easy to clean and will stand up to many users. Nowadays, massage tables come in a variety of synthetic materials that are hygienic and easy to care for; linen and leather were once the only options for tablecloths.

To locate the best massage table for you and your clients, following these tips is essential. When both of you are pleased with your purchase, you’ve made a perfect choice.