Five Ways To Make Your Barber Shop More Eco-Friendly

Barbershops are focused on making you feel and look your best. However, given the growing concern about the environment and change of climate, our societal responsibility is to take the required steps to make the process more environmentally friendly.

According to research, ethics and sustainability are significant factors for nearly a third of consumers in 2021. Almost one-third report that they had ceased using a service or product due to related concerns. Today’s shoppers have done their homework and are well-informed about their ethical and environmental concerns. As a result, brands must make a concerted effort to ensure that their products and services have the same values.

Begin by Your Lamps

In any beauty shop, lights are a critical component. Not only do you require enough lighting to perform your skill, but “excellent lighting” is also required for your client to view the actual colour of your work. Mood lighting is also vital for your salon’s look.

LED lights have a lower environmental impact than typical incandescent lamps and use less energy than CFLs, according to As a result, LED lights are more environmentally friendly and last longer than any widely available light source.

You are conserving energy and saving money by using LED lighting where possible. LED-lit styling stations not only make your customer look amazing, but they also endure longer and sparkle brighter for years to come.

You can also make sure that all of the lights in your salon that aren’t in use are switched off: I assure you that no monsters are lurking in the shadows of your salon!

Don’t Spill Your Water

Do you have a dripping faucet that you’ve been putting off fixing? Please don’t put off getting it fixed any longer!

Slow drips can generate thousands of gallons of wastewater per month, which is terrible for the environment and expensive for you. Check for bubbles in all visible connections and piping, and have a plumber come in for a more comprehensive inspection if there are any signs of problems.

Upgrading your shampoo area with water-efficient goods, which decreases water and energy usage by up to 65 percent, is another method to save water. 

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Paper and plastic are two things you will almost certainly use or have in your salon. Take measures to ensure that these objects are correctly categorized to be recycled.

Hair clippings, for example, can be composted, used in research, or even converted into oil-absorbing mats for humanitarian purposes. Plastic and metals may be recycled into new materials or utilized to make automobile parts, and even extra hair dye can be recycled.

Use Energy-Saving Techniques

Hairdryers, hair straighteners and razors, water heating, air conditioning, washers, dryers, and lighting consume a lot of energy in hair salons and barbershops. The majority of these appliances are left on all of the time, increasing salon energy use. In your barbershop, only use energy-saving equipment and check on them regularly to ensure they aren’t malfunctioning and consuming additional energy. Another excellent technique to minimize energy costs and get closer to your eco-friendly barbershop objective is to use environmentally friendly hairdryers and bamboo brushes.

Make simple substitutions

There are a lot of super simple swaps you can make in your salon that will generate a significant difference. Switching to an eco-salon towel, for example, can not only help you save water and power but will also save you time. Choose a water-saving showerhead to reduce your salon’s water usage further. When cleaning your barber furniture, use a non-toxic cleaner to maintain your working area free of dangerous chemicals. You can also colour your clients’ hair with reusable paper wraps instead of aluminium foils, reducing salon waste even more.


Green salons are leading the way in the beauty business, and now is the time for you to join the sustainability revolution. Learn about products and services that you can use to make your barbershop eco-friendlier by clicking here.