Importance of Sanitizing & Cleaning of Salon Chairs

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all know the importance of sanitizing and social distancing. For beauty & grooming industries maintaining sanitization of salon chairs is very important because during the beauty treatment, their clients are in direct contact with salon chairs. 

Not just chairs, keeping all the things clean is a priority in this pandemic situation. That is the reason why many of these salon owners try to eliminate bacteria as well as viruses on the surfaces of salon chairs. 

While sanitizing the major two things, people keep in mind that cleaning & disinfecting are entirely different processes. Cleaning refers to just cleaning the dust & on the other hand disinfecting means clearing the germs. 

Why consider sanitization of salon chairs important? 

The disinfecting or sanitizing of salon chairs are much different from sanitizing any other furniture in any salon. 

In this business, or you can in this glamor industry, completely rely on the volume of customers. Here the necessity of sanitizing salon chairs is cameos because if any salon doesn’t maintain hygiene, customers will not come there.

What is the profit of sanitizing salon chairs -? 

Due to this pandemic-related health as well as safety policies, the gap between each client is mandatory too & the sanitization process of those chairs is necessary after providing services to each client. 

If salon owners disinfect their salon chairs very fast and effectively, after each customer’s beauty treatment. Then they can easily transition between clients while still following COVID-19 procedures. This method will give their customers peace of mind when it comes to mitigating health risks & it will increase their business. 

Some helpful products are listed which can be used for salon chair sanitization for the majority of the salon – 

Using of Isopropyl Alcohol – 

Due to the covid 19 pandemic, we all know the importance of Isopropyl Alcohol. With the concentration of this chemical, around 70% can kill coronaviruses.

That’s why salon owners need to Leave 70% of this chemical solution on the salon chairs for two minutes. This method of cleaning or sanitizing products is very great. 

Using of Hydrogen Peroxide – 

According to medical experts, the solution of  Hydrogen Peroxide with a 3% concentration can be a perfect solution for sanitizing a salon chair.  

People need to apply the needed amount of product on chairs and then sit for one minute. By following this technique, cleaning with water will easily sanitize salon chairs. 

Using Bleach – 

People need to mix the bleach in the proper ratio. As per information, the solution needs to mix up at the ratio of 9:1 (10%). For sanitizing the ready mix or bleach solution needs to be applied using a sponge. 

Then they need to rinse or wipe up those chairs with cold water several times. But as it is a little risky, salon owners sure to follow the guidelines on the bleach label are mentioned. 

Steps of sanitizing a salon chair – 

At the primary stage, sweep as well as dispose of debris – 

Sweeping up and disposing of all of the ruins on the surface under and surrounding Individual’s salon chairs is the first step to be considered. 

After that, needs to wipe up from top to bottom – 

Wiping up from top to bottom of the chair is vital because nobody knows where the germs will stay. That’s why don’t forget to clean every corner of a chair. 

And finally, the disinfecting stage – 

After cleaning completely now, the chair is ready for sanitization. 

There is no doubt that the mentioned product will help salon owners to sanitize their chairs but still, the manufacturer of these chemicals’ guidelines needs to be followed before using those products.