Massage Table Buying Guide for Your Salon 2023

A massage table is a comfortable place for clients to lie down and get a massage for their back, neck, or shoulders. They can be made to stay in one place or move around. Massage tables can be straight or angled to help massage the muscles needed to help the person lie comfortably. One that is made to order can have a powered centre, armrests that can be moved, and headrests that can be adjusted so that clients can move their bodies more efficiently.

The most popular service is the one that comes to your home instead of making you drive to their location. It’s an excellent way for massage therapists to grow their business without opening a new office. Massage is something that everyone needs because they all have pain and stiffness in different parts of their body.

Here are some things to think about and worries you might have when looking for the right massage table and learning more about other options to think about.

Type Of Massage Table

First, you need to decide if you want a massage table that you can move around or one that stays in one place. A portable massage bed is precisely what it sounds like: it can be folded up and moved from place to place, and it usually weighs much less than a fixed table.

Choose between a tilt-back (or Reiki table) and a flatbed after deciding whether you need a portable or stationary table. All four sides of tilt-back tables are accessible, and the table’s top can be tilted to provide the illusion of a lifting backrest. This can be extremely useful in acupuncture, aesthetic services, reflexology, head massages, and sports leg treatments. A massage table with a flat bed cannot be tilted or adjusted, although it is the most basic type. Tilt-back massage chairs are popular because they enable therapists to provide more treatments while also putting their clients at ease.

Table Dimensions

The length, width, and height of a table are its measurements. Regarding the width, you should pick a table that can fit people of different sizes.

If the width is right, you can be sure that your customers will be comfortable while the process continues. Remember to consider your height to help determine the correct table width.

When more than one massage therapist is needed, choose a massage table that is wide enough for everyone to be comfortable.

Remember that your clients will be of different heights, so your massage table brand should be able to meet their needs.

A standard length of 73 inches is used for many of the best massage tables. This should work for almost every height. But if you want a more extended table, you can choose one that has a face cradle that you can change.

Capacity for Weight

The working weight of a massage table is the most weight that can be put on it. This is how much weight a table can support. You will also add weight to the table and your client during a massage.

Some of the best massage tables on the market can hold up to 600 pounds. Most clients should be happy with these. But you should consider getting a more robust heavy-duty table.

Comfort of client

Once you’ve decided what kind of massage table you want, it’s time to think about what type of padding will make your clients feel the most comfortable. How comfortable your clients are will depend on how thick and dense the padding is. Most massage table padding is anywhere from 2 to 5 inches thick. Even though there are many choices, our experts recommend padding at least 2.5 inches thick. High-density foams will keep the shape of the padding, making clients feel comfortable and making the massage table last longer and be more durable.


A massage bed’s upholstery may seem an afterthought, but you must ensure it’s robust and easy to clean. Most massage tables have vinyl, leather, PVC, or other artificial materials on their tops. Our experts recommend high-quality vinyl because it is easy to clean and lasts long.

Frame for a massage table

The frame of your massage table is the last thing to think about. You can choose a frame made of wood or metal, and both are strong and durable. Most massage therapists choose wood frames because they look better, but metal frames are great for people who want an electric bed.

The massage table is an essential part of any massage. When you choose the right massage table, you can be sure that your clients will be comfortable. When making your choice, you should consider the type of massage you are giving and the services you offer. Of course, massage tables that last a long time and are cheap are the best.