Salon Businesses- Safety Measures Guide

You can’t offer beauty treatments, chiropractic adjustments, or massages without interacting with your consumers personally. As a result, you may be concerned about the impact COVID-19 will have on your business’s reopening and working to devise a strategy to prepare for it effectively.

It’s not your fault if this is you; you’re not the only one. Salons, spas, massage parlors, and health spas are scrambling to figure out what to do regarding COVID-19. During COVID-19, here are ten strategies to keep your business operating.

Cut off any unneeded contact

For the sake of your customers, you want your company to be a secure haven. Even if your services need that clients and staff be within six feet of one another, there are steps you can take to make your salon or spa a safer place for everyone. How? Implement virtual check-in and email waivers and papers to clients to fill out before they arrive, so they don’t have to use a standard tablet or clipboard.

Your personnel can also utilize personal devices to add retail products and additional services to the ticket and check out clients from anywhere, allowing your customers to skip the front desk and enjoy a contactless checkout experience.

To the rescue, retail

Keep your web store active during COVID-19 if your salon or spa sells retail products. Your consumers will bring the demand for your items as long as you have enough supply. After all, if they’re already familiar with your massage oil and shampoo, they’ll be looking for a similar product to use at home, even if they can’t see you in person.

Pre-booking is a good idea

Please take advantage of a temporary closure of your salon, spa, or wellness center to encourage your regular clients to reserve their next appointment for the time when you expect to be open again.

Discard non-essential services to save money

As much as possible, you’ll want to keep things as simple as possible for your customers and minimize the number of interactions you have with them.

Online scheduling makes it simple to plan ahead of time for cleaning time between appointments. Staggering the arrival times of your clients is another readily available option.

Providing a full-service menu at this time may be a waste of money. Clients are being asked to arrive with damp, clean hair to shorten the treatment cycle time at some salons.

Consider your company’s needs before making a decision. Client satisfaction is essential, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of everyone else’s safety.

Do not pay for cancellations

Cancellation fees are standard in the business world, but they may encourage some clients who aren’t feeling their best to show up for their scheduled appointments. If your customers aren’t feeling well, let them know they can cancel their orders without incurring fees.

Empowering employees to stay at home

If your entire team is ill, it won’t do anyone any good. Your employees should know they are expected to take responsibility for their health and not report to work if they are sick. They’ll inspire the rest of the industry and customers alike.

Ensure that everything is spotless

Keeping your salon or spa clean may be second nature to you, but it’s essential to consider what areas you’re overlooking or how you may better serve your customers. To ensure customer satisfaction, ensure that your employees are putting cleanliness first. Your customers want to feel secure when they are in your establishment. The use of autoclaves, hand sanitizer, and open communication about your cleaning plan are all ways to keep your customers and employees safe.

Keep in mind that taking simple precautions and planning can significantly impact your business’s success and the atmosphere you create in your salon.