Luxe – Luxury Salon Furniture Manufacturer & Supplier In India & Overseas

Luxe emerges as the ultimate name synonymous with luxury and sophistication. As a premier salon furniture supplier, Luxe has not only carved its niche in India but has also extended its influence overseas, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage.

What distinguishes Luxe is its steadfast dedication to quality, unwavering commitment to innovation, and unyielding pursuit of customer satisfaction. Their meticulously crafted salon furniture harmoniously fuses ergonomic design with contemporary aesthetics, resulting in every piece not only enhancing the functionality of a salon but also infusing an air of opulence.

Founded by Mr. Pradeep with a vision to transform salons into havens of style and comfort, Luxe has garnered a reputation for excellence far beyond India’s borders. Their foray into the international market, marked by an extensive network of authorized dealers, has solidified their position as a global leader in luxury salon furniture.

Lux’s portfolio boasts an exquisite array of salon chairs, styling chairs, spa beds, pedicure, and manicure chairs, meticulously designed to cater to salon owners’ and professionals’ diverse needs and preferences. Each piece is a testament to their commitment to marrying style with functionality, ensuring every salon is elevated to unparalleled elegance and comfort.

Multiple Salon Furniture Presence in India

Luxe, a prominent name in luxury salon furniture, has established various strategic presence in India. With a showroom in Gurgaon (their flagship store), Luxe offers salon owners and beauty professionals a go-to destination for top-tier salon furniture.

The exquisite collection includes salon chairs, styling chairs, hair wash shampoo stations, spa beds, and pedicure and manicure chairs. Whether you’re looking to elevate your salon’s ambience or create a luxurious spa experience, Luxe’s multipurpose showrooms in India provide the perfect solution for salon owners to find their choice of customized salon furniture.

Authorized Salon Furniture Dealers in India

With their flagship salon furniture in India, Luxe deals with every client by offering personalized support. They have authorized dealers in Bangalore, Kerala, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Expansion is still on!

Luxury Salon Furniture They Manufacture & Supply in India & Overseas 

  1. Salon Furniture: Offered different types salon furniture such as Marvel barber chair, John barber chair, Bolero black, Bliss chair, Eva chair, Solo chair, Blossom gold, Classic chair, Space chair, Kite gold, Mystic black, Gentlemen chair, Signature chair, Bliss hair washing chair, Coral pedicure spa, Aqua pedi spa, Bliss nail table, Manicure table, Facial bed etc.
  2. Salon Accessories: Different types of salon accessories include palette trolley, Deluxe trolley, Hair vacuum, Shelf wooden trolley, hot and cold steamer, face steamer, heating machine, footrest luxury, working stool etc
  1. Beauty and Slimming Products: Various products include Ultrasonic, high-frequency machines, vacuum sprays, face lifting machines, beauty studios, instant spot cleaners, tower warmers, wax heater double bowls, cellulite heat machines, body former, slimming machines, UIG slimming machine etc
  1. Spa Furniture: The products under this head include a Kelly spa bed, Florida bed, angel massage bed, multipurpose ayurvedic table, flora trolley, Magna trolley, neck and back massager, etc.
  1. Shampoo/Hair Wash Station: The beautiful products include Rubino, plush chair, duke chair, curl shampoo station, snip chair, angel deluxe, cube chair
  1. Pedicure & Manicure Station: The products in this category include robust mani bed spa, pedicure sofa with brass bowl, Sofa with massager electric reclining, multipurpose Sofa, aqua pedi spa, pacific pedicure spa, nail table, stool fibreglass, 


  • Where can I find premium salon furniture?

    Premium salon furniture, including salon chairs, styling chairs, spa beds, and pedicure & manicure chairs, is available through a reputable luxury salon furniture manufacturer and supplier.

  • Is customization available for salon furniture orders?

    Customization options are offered for tailoring salon chairs, styling chairs, and spa beds to unique preferences.

  • Do spa beds offer a luxurious salon experience?

    Spa beds are crafted to provide a luxurious and comfortable experience.

  • Does Luxe ensure global quality standard compliance in salon furniture?

    Salon furniture upholds the highest global quality standards, guaranteeing durability and design excellence.

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