Importance of Sanitizing & Cleaning of Salon Chairs

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all know the importance of sanitizing and social distancing. For beauty & grooming industries maintaining sanitization of salon chairs is very important because during the beauty treatment, their clients are in direct contact with salon chairs.  Not just chairs, keeping all the things clean is a priority […]

Give Your Clients A Beauty Experience Like Never Before

You can give your customers thriller feelings through your skills and beauty treatment which will provide them with more confidence.  If you want to formulate an amazing feeling through the treatment of your parlor then at first, you have to understand your customer’s requirements for which reason they came to you.  Nowadays, people come to […]

10 Must Have Tools That Every Hairdresser Needs

Although hairdressing tools differ according to the services and styles provided, there are several essentials in every hairdresser’s bag. If you want to be a hairdresser, you’ll need to know everything there is to know about the basics. We recommend that you conduct your research before purchasing any tools because, after all, your business is […]

The Importance of Spa Furniture

To be effective, a spa requires a variety of factors. Beauty is one of the most popular terms among them. Your spa’s aesthetic appeal can directly impact your clients’ moods and the work of your attendants. You don’t just need lovely decorations and relaxing surroundings; your spa furniture will also play a role in providing […]

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Five Ways To Make Your Barber Shop More Eco-Friendly

Barbershops are focused on making you feel and look your best. However, given the growing concern about the environment and change of climate, our societal responsibility is to take the required steps to make the process more environmentally friendly. According to research, ethics and sustainability are significant factors for nearly a third of consumers in […]

Disinfecting Your Salon Chair – Covid 19 Prevention

Amidst a global pandemic known as coronavirus, maximum employees opt to work from home to prevent exposure and limit the spread of this virus. Unfortunately, it is not feasible for every profession. Hairstylists & barbers, much like the healthcare workers, cannot perform their jobs when practising the social distancing measures, as instructed by the centre […]